As I sat and sew on this satin sash onto this gorgeous , vintage champaign lace dress, I realized that things are forever changing . With every stitch ,I had flashbacks of her life! The moment I was a witness to her birth and cradled her in my arms for the first time. How she approached every milestone in her life with determination as if she knew she was born to handle it all. From every dance recital , gymnastic meet to competitive cheer performances to modeling and talent competitions , she was born to soar! This little girl so full of energy , jumped and tumbled her way through childhood in just a blink of an eye. With every stitch , there was another memory of the promise that God would watch over her and place the right fellow in her life that would bring the best out of her and she him! Next week she changes her name! She becomes a wife…my little girl who bounced her way into becoming a woman. I promised the Lord above to raise her , to know & follow HIM! To teach her and protect her as she grew and to guide her in the ways of the Lord the best I we knew how. Next week we place her in the hands of another and in the love and protection of God’s hand. It’s almost time to LET GO! It feels like our children will be ours forever. No one tells you how fast it will go before they are gone! It definitely impacts the heart when the youngest daughter leaves. This will be the hardest for her daddy, maybe even more then Me. I can always share with her the secrets of my heart as a woman, wife and mother but for her daddy , his little girl is no longer his. But , I have a few more stitches left , so I will stay in this moment remembering every moment and memory of how full our life has been as we come to the realization that This is the last week we can call her OURS!

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