When you start a home business you want to be partnered with the best!
In a time when most companies are downsizing and closing their doors Beachbody is exploding and willing to share that success with you. Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, Beachbody is now one of the fastest growing home fitness companies in America and is positioned perfectly for long term success by offering a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. Our products are battling the global epidemic of obesity.
Want to know where we are going?

Look at our track record, which started in 1998:

2006 – Reached $150 Million in sales
2007 – Launched Team Beachbody Independent Business Opportunity
2008 – Reached $200 Million in sales
2009 – Reached $300 Million in sales
2009 – Up to 70,000 new customers weekly
2010 – Reached $400 Million in sales
2011 – Better Business Bureau “Hall of Fame”
2011 – “Rising Star Award” from the DSA
2012 – “Beachbody Ultimate” supplements
2012 – Helping you achieve your goals!



Beachbody has declared war against “Globesity”

Important Key Points About Beachbody:

Rock Solid Company

You can be proud of Beachbody and secure in knowing that we are rock solid financially and positioned for your long term success

Massive Ad Budget

You can benefit from our massive advertising budget as we are the second largest Infomercial Company in the world.

Trusted Brand Names

You won’t have to explain who Beachbody is or what Beachbody products do since our brands are a trusted household name.
Celebrity Endorsements

You can offer the same quality Beachbody products that are used and talked about by Celebrities and Professional Athletes.

Get Behind Our Cause

You can be part of something meaningful with Beachbody as we are dedicated to “Ending the Trend” of global obesity