Berries with a little Oatmeal on the side!.. Also almond slices and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon … Topped wirh a drizzle of local honey. I like to eat with purpose as opposed to just taste or simply shoving something down my throat … haha This breakfast is packed with loads of highly dense nutrients , like fiber and protein . Did you know that berries are great for your blood glucose levels and pack a power punch when it comes to disease fighting antioxidants. Spices like nutmeg and cinnamon , as well as honey , ward off infections , inflammation in the body , lower anxiety to help manage stress. Oatmeal alone has so many good health benefits to help with satiation and promote healthy vitals … It’s the kind of carb you want daily! Throw in a spoonful of almond d butter and the healthy fat feeds your brain and keeps it clear and focused. So next time you think of just rushing out the door with little or no breakfast, think of how you want to plan for a successful day first. Feed your body well and eat with purpose …the purpose of having a productive, satisfying , happy , healthy day! Have a Terrific Tuesday ,everyone!

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