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To help you understand how you make money from Team Volume Points here are a few highlights. You can find the full information in our company comp plan.

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See section 6 for the official compensation plan

As a review:
1. You must be an Emerald coach to eligible for the team cycle bonus.
2. You get these points from purchases that coaches or customers have made from people who fall below you in the down line. (Not only the coaches you personally sponsor, but ALL coaches that have been placed below you.)
3. Every time the points add up to 200 on one side and 100 on the other they are taken out as a team cycle and you are paid. As an Emerald coach you get $14 per cycle, a Ruby coach gets $16, and a Diamond coach gets $18.
4. Unused points are carried over week to week as long as you stay Emerald.

Excerpt from the company comp. plan


A bonus calculation and payment process that occurs when an Active and Qualified Emerald or higher Rank coach business center reaches an accumulated 300 Team Volume or greater, balanced with one – third (or 100 team Volume) from one downline leg and two – thirds (or 200 Team Volume) from the other downline leg. Once these levels of Team Volume are achieved, the Coach Business Center uses that accumulated Team Volume (called a “Cycle”),which generates a payment to the coach business center for that week. Cycling continues until no further Cycle s can be deducted from the accumulated Team Volume. Any unused TV in each leg becomes Carry – Over Volume.
The Beachbody software system determines which leg is the weak leg between the cycles in a week. For instance, if a Business Center has 260 Team Volume in the left Coach leg and 200 Team Volume in the right Coach leg before cycle 1 (300 Team Volume with 200 Team Volume – 100 Team Volume balance is deducted from the total of both legs), the system determines that the left Coach leg is the strong leg in cycle 1 (260 Team Volume) and the right Coach leg (200 Team Volume) is the weak Coach leg in cycle 1.After cycle 1 is complete, the right Coach leg, with 100 Team Volume carried over (i.e., 200 Team Volume –100 Team Volume = 100 Team Volume) becomes the strong Coach leg and the left Coach leg, with 60 Team Volume carried over(i.e., 260 TV –200 TV = 60 TV) becomes the weak Coach leg. In other words, the swapping of strong and weak leg determination often occurs between Team Cycle Bonus cycles. This is standard binary compensation plan methodology.




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