Do you get as excited about your oatmeal bowls as I do?! This is just a few of the breakfast oatmeal bowls I love to create and enjoy first thing in the morning! My love and passion for real food and nutrition was inspired by a school teacher in my 2nd grade Health class …that story I will be putting on a blog soon. Until then, be sure to shop for whole food that make your eyes pop and get you excited! If it’s in your fridge you will add it to your breakfast . So be sure plan ahead of time. The right balance of complex carbs for energy will also keep your blood glucose levels balanced and lowers that spiking , starving feeling. This means all morning satiation! The high fiber content assists with that as well. Choose a healthy fat to go with it , like nuts , seeds and almond butter . Did you know that the brain craves healthy fats to function? This promotes mind clarity and removes brain fog. It also helps with weight loss…just be careful to watch your portion sizes. Choose nutrient dense fruits that are low on the glycemic index like berries and green apples . These also help eliminate blood glucose spikes , as some fruit has a high sugar level and those fruits are best used before or after an intense workout, so your body uses it to restore, rather then store. Like ripe bananas …but bananas do add fiber and if used when vary ripe contain less sugar content. So get excited about oatmeal and your body will feel satisfied , your energy at its best and your mind clarity , digestion and regularly working at its optimal level! Not to mention the positive effects it has on your vitals. But take time to make it a masterpiece so you look forward to it when you are ready for a bowl# Happy Eating!!!

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