Egg. ( over easy), avocado toast made with a seeded nut whole grain bread and Roma tomato I wake up Hungry every morning and can not wait to get in the kitchen … From everything I have learned And experienced for myself, getting a good breakfast every morning that has the right balance of protein , healthy fats & complex carbs is what will kick start your metabolism and keep you feeling full all morning, while promoting good mind clarity! If you to know more of my eating SECRETS..and how I eat to lose while maintain my ideal weight , then join my 7 day group starting today! I will be sharing how ◇Eat for your age ◇which foods to pair together for best body.compostion change , ◇how to remove the junk and enjoy eating MORE To change your body and promote better health! ◇Plus , my favorite daily GO TO workout moves!!! WHO WANTS IN??

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