Ever wake up feeling like this?! Haha What I realized is that I needed this!..a really good hard core cardio workout! I am usually a weights girl…but I know , as Trainer , sometimes to get a quick brain fix , some focused cardio can kick you out of a funk! I know your workout will lower cortisol levels in the body ( that nasty stress hormone that produces weight gain , sluggishness and unhealthy cravings.) I also know a good workout raises your energy level ( crucial if you don’t already have one). It makes the brain produce more dopamine ( the chemical that evokes” happiness & feeling uplifted) and strengthens the heart , lungs and blood flow circulation .. ( creating good blood flow in the body reducing risk of blood clots). Not to mention getting oxygen to the brain for producing mental clarity! So today, if you are filling like the quote to the left! Join me in accomplishing the picture to the right . It will make you feel like you just gave yourself a Hug, you won’t need vodka to deal with your day and you will have a better nights sleep! But keep your coffee! I don’t dare take that away! Plus a little caffeine 30 minutes before a workout will actually give you your MOJO and fuel your workout ..so you can put more into it, FOCUS and dig deep!!! Happy HUMP DAY!!!

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