How do I stay so fit over’s my daily habits that I am committed to! The people I surround myself with that push me, support me and this stuff right here that makes me feel just amazing!!! To say It strengthens my immune system while it gives me super food energy , is an understatement! To be able to report that I have not been sick 1day in close to 5 years is proof, it’s doing something. My health professionals jaw drops at each wellness check up…why are Dr’s shocked when we are well and don’t need medication?? This girl just crushed 30 minutes with Tony Hortons P90X 3 CVS… The most challenging part wasn’t getting through my workout. The most challenging part is continuing to workout through all of his jokes without dropping a dumbell on my toe!! Haha He’s hysterical!!! I am laughing the whole 30 minutes I wonder if that’s the plan?! You are so entertained that you forget you ate actually working out?…smart move , Tony…and brilliant! !!!

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