How to use the 100 Doctor CDs

Shake up your sales: M.J. Durkin
Using “100 Doctors” CD
One of the great things about this tool is that it creates activity.
Prospecting is all about creating activity.
Corner Stone of Prospecting is your Belief System.

This tool will help downline with their belief in shakeology
Downline will stay in if they make money!
A real leader teaches their people to make money!

hand out 2 CD”s per day, 60 per month
with a 10% closing ratio is 6 per month
with a 1.5% closing is 1 per month

Handing out CD’s and expecting people to call you back is insanity!
Must be able to follow-up

You must set expectations
Prospect does not know what to do with the CD

” I wanted to give you this audio CD that talks about a product that I’ve been using that has been helping me to (lose weight, have more energy, feel better)
If I gave this CD to pop into the player in your car, would you listen to it on the way home?”

If they say they will, give it to them if not, don’t!

Great I think you will find it really interesting because it’s 100 doctor giving their feedback on the product.
By the way, statistically, 20% of the people will listen to this CD right away and will call me within 24 hours and say ” I need to try this product for 30 days and see if it’s that good, how do I sign up?

Another 20% will listen to the CD and call me in 2 pr 3 days and say ” I want to know more, how do I get a sample?
By the way a small percentage, an elite percentage will call me as soon as they finish listing to the CD and say “If this stuff is that good, I want to know how I can make some money off this thing.”

I don’t know which group you will fall into but I’ll be interested to see what you think and how soon you’ll call me. now, now your cell phone # is____________?
so that when you call me I will know who is calling and let me go ahead and get your email address and I will go ahead and send you some other info it also.

Follow up within 24-48 hours “you might need to be a little pushy” If you believe in something you will look someone in the Eye.

follow up call
Hi this is _______from team beachbody, Did you get a chance to listen to the CD that I gave you about Shakeology?
Yes I did
Great, What did you like best about it?
Well, I liked the idea that it can help you lose weight.
First thing you must ask them is ” Did you listen to it?”
if not “why not?”
remember you are always sorting
Don’t close too early and don’t close too late!

Follow up question
” why did that catch your attention?” “why is that important to you”

Great let me tell you what I recommend, we have a program called shakeology home direct that will deliver shakeology to your home every month, it’s $129 with two dollar shipping that’s just over $4 per meal”
” you can use it to replace one meal a day of as a snack beverage in place of a starbucks coffee.”
I recommend it, let me send you an email that will place your order all you will have to do is complete the enrollment.

“The speed of the leader is the speed of the group.
These people look up to you
after 90 days they don’t care what you say to them, they don’t hear you they will only emulate you.
you must be careful about the way you say , do and think.

If you want to drive activity. YOU DO IT YOURSELF – every time you talk to your group. they need to hear your stories, what you are doing how you contacted someone how many you sponsored , how you are getting prospects.

hand out 60 cds and reported the results to your team.
if you really care about your people you must move on!

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