I have a 45 minute drive to meet up with the Bride to be , the wedding planner and a couple of other ladies who are going to help me make this the best wedding event ever!!! So I am in a hurry to hit the road!! I am so excited to have this to grab!.it had all the multi vitamins I need for my day , feeds my body to optimal health, keeps my weight in tact , (so, no yo yo weight fluctuations) and my vitals at a healthy normal level l!.this a lot of health in a lunch meal!!!. Plus the energy I need to keep up all the wedding details , not to mention mind clarity thst will be crucial when mult tasking!! Dark chocolate & fresh blackberries with power greens and focused energy! ! I am up for the challenge!!! Ok…gotta RUN’,I got all I need right here to get me through a busy day!!!

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