I just couldn’t believe that this was sent to me as a company gift last week! 3 top workout programs that have changed more lives then any fitness program on the market! 6.years ago P 90X changed mine , forever I had just closed down my little fitness studio. I was broke and frustrated with being a class instructor and studio owner. I decided to try a new path …so , I ordered 2 things . My NASM CPT study guide to become a personal trainer and P90X. I wanted to be the best and most knowledgeable trainer O could be! What I learned from this program as I was studying for my National Certification made everything I was reading and learn become visual and practical. I was hooked because it actually helped me understand all the scientific lingo behind training and helped me pass my national exam…and for that I have to say to @tonyshorton …thank you!!! I have all these programs and my desire is to train you to get the same experience and body transformation as I have! I will be GIFTING these 3 programs to 3 people who are READ NOW to change their life and health! WHO WANTS ONE? MESSAGE ME YOUR STORY! OR EMAIL ME AT ruthiegage@gmail.com The 3 BEST Stories WIN!!!

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