In 2 days I turn 55! Wow..( and everyone gasps! use too until I realize that age is in how you look and feel! It’s in your mind and body!.so I decided a few years ago to live every day not being DEFINED by a number but to live a lifestyle DEFYING that number! No one has the say so to decide how I feel , how I think and even if I choose to age slowly and defy the natural process!. That is my responsibility! I CHOOSE everyday what I think by carefully choosing my thoughts!. I work hard at redirecting the negative and choosing positive and seeing the Silver lining of things! ( trust me , some days , it’s NOT easy!) It is work and so is a healthy lifestyle of exercise and clean eating! Only putting in this vessel that God gave me to live in …whole foods created by Him. Keeping it as close to nature as possible , so that my body THRIVES and I keep my youth as long as possible!. Its is true that you are only “Young as you feel”..and as You think , as well!. No , I’m not delusional , just mindful of how to daily live a life of purposeful, intentional and healthy! I love helping others do the same!. It’s not always easy but man, it sure is worth it!!! Cheers to another healthy youthful year!!!

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