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Stability Ball Workouts
Stability Ball Workouts
Stability Ball Workout

Never give up and accept no excuses!… Change comes because of your commit o consistency!… Refuse to fail and you won’t!… Make your goals priority and do something daily toward reaching them!
Yours in Health and Fitness!
Ruthie Gage

Always start with a warmup to any workout !… The step up to balance is a great way to raise your heart rate and get blood flow to the extremities!…Always start with a 3 minute minimum … Then rest 1 minute. Then go back and follow this sequence repeating for 1 minute!… Throw in 10 push-ups… Repeat the step up sequence a second time for 1 minute … So tricep bench presses!… Repeat a 3rd time with bench V- ups, Romanian twists or leg flutters for your Abs…Repeat everything 3 more times for a Full workout! Cool down with some nice stretches to allow your heart rate to come to resting …. Drink plenty of water to recover and enjoy a piece fruit , yogurt or granola bar to replenish glucose levels!

One of my favorite AB tracks on the Les Mills PUMP DVDs!… Today I did Pump & Burn!!!!

Ball pike to push-up to knee tuck to pike up!

Dynamic core/ oblique moves , upper & lower body squat to over head raise

FIT FRIDAY: Focus T25 Lower Body


I love these moves for strengthening the Erectus spinea (back)… Lats , upper back as well on the first move … The second move I like to call ” the Dolphin”… Targets the glutes , legs( inner thighs , quads ,core & low back area! Cheers to your health

One of my favorite stability ball mat workouts for strengthening the Abs and Core!… Great for the quads & inner thighs, too!

Strengthen your core & work your obliques & Lats with this stability ball workout!

Stability ball chest press with tricep extension while working your calves , core & glutes

Stretching daily helps increase our flexibility!…this is the Plow Pose!…benefits are to reduce back pain, relieve stress, fatigue insomnia & headaches !it nurtures the the body”s digestive & endocrine systems.Therapeutic for leg cramps & stimulates the thyroid , lungs & abdominal organs … It’s most beneficial to do first thing in the morning … Hold pose a minimum of 30 sec. Cheers to your health

Just because something is challenging , tha has no bearings that it is not achievable. Anything worth having is worth working for!…go out and get it!
Yours in Health and Fitness!
Ruthie Gage

The stability ball is my favorite fitness apparatus and these are my 3 favorite moves to build strength and increase balance and flexibility!

Pushed my body today with Focus T25. Total body circuit!… Drenched in sweat!… This ain’t ya mama”s workout!

Park workout moves!… Work multiple muscle groups while changing your cardio! Make your body your gym!!! Plank to push-up then leg in/ outs for abduction/adduction and hop up! Watch for part 2 for the progression!

Part 2 of my Park workout moves… Keep adding an extra move to progress & challenge your body & your workout daily!… Make your body your Gym!

My favorite core/ strength move that works all the major muscle groups while challenging your balance & Flexibility … The stability ball pike!



To use either as a good warmup before your workout or to use in place of your cardio to increase your heart rate & get that calorie burn kick started , this will do the trick!,,, this incorporates core & balance ( 2 things we need to constantly strengthen)… It fires up the legs & glute muscles(our biggest calorie burners) & is a great cardiovascular training for the body! Alternating legs ,do 3-5 minutes then stop and do 3 of your best upper body & Ab moves 3x for a complete workout!… Finish up with a light , easy 3 minute jog and some static stretches!… Recover with a protein fruit smoothie or a piece of fruit or some yogurt w/ granola! To your health, NASM/CPT/FNS Ruthie :)

Start in a plank position, go down to a push up , do 4 mt. Climbers ( knee to the opposite elbow) to engage the obliques then plyo jump to feet ; arms over head . Repeat 10x or to fatigue … Rest 30sec. (Repeat 2 more times!) Workout DONE! NASM /CPT\FNS


More park workout moves: get your upper body muscles , abs & core firing with these 2 moves!…start with 3 sets of 8-10 and work up to 4 sets of 12-15!

To Rock your abs and strengthen your core all you need is a park bench!… Start with 3 sets of 8-10 reps and work up to 15-20 reps… Keep challenging yourself and don’t ever get comfortable with these moves !… Challenge is change! I like doing flutter kicks , then in/ outs ( starting with pulling knees into the chest & extending) & finish with reach throughs for an extra balance challenge! @ruthiegage NASM/CPT/FNS

If you want “change” you have to create it!.. Muscle is the fountain of youth and as we age we lose or at an alarming rate triggering weight gain. The best way to reverse this is to add resistance training to your workouts at least 3x a week!
Yours in Health and Fitness!
Ruthie Gage

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