Its FRIEND FRIDAY: Yesterday , after a full day of busyness , emails with clients , working on line with my coaches and running errands with my daughter, I come home to this sweet note from a coach friend. A very special gal that I have had the honor of mentoring , that has just reached a big goal for herself! It meant the world to me! Sometimes , we get so busy doing for others that we lose ourselves in the process. When our love language is “Acts of service ” we get caught up in serving because it feels natural….. effortless. But just as they say that sometimes Mothering feels like a thankless job, mentoring can too! I will continue to , because it doesn’t feel like work….it feels like an extention of who I am…but these words of Thanks speak Volumes to Me and actually remind me of WHY I do what I do! Just like Mothering , it’s a calling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world . Btw: my other Love Language is ” words of Affirmation” so , this is perfect …You have touched my life this week Simone and for that I say , No …THANK “YOU”! Love ya bunches , girl.@smackfitness ..keep those Dreams getting bigger, fear getting smaller and STARS in your eyes!…the possibilities become as BIG as you want them to be!!!!

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