Keeping breakfast on point! Yes , I am that girl who shares photos of her food. But not just any food! I share with purpose. Once I went from just being a fitness professional to focusing on nutrtion , for me , everything changed! It was light the proverbial “light bulb” went off! I started treating my body like a temple and only putting quality Ingredients in it. Much like you would do for a brand new car that you want to last for years …and choose to only put premium gas in the tank! This is some of my tank fuel! I share it because so many people come to me for help and ask how to meal plan , prep and prepare what is good for them, butternut dense and will help them succeed! This is just one example … Egg scramble -2 eggs & 1 egg white Diced Roma tomato Shredded smoked turkey Onion powder to taste , black cracked pepper and sea salt … Dressed with avocado slices and a side of seeded nut whole grain toast Try it! Enjoy …cheers to your health!

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