My last slice of pie for the Holiday seasjn, I swear! If you say you eat clean 100% of the time, you will lie about other thingstoo! Haha I can pretty much push away from most anything until someone says ” Pie & coffee”… This is my comfort cheat …but I try to keep it just a cheat! I am committing to cleansing & detoxing all the sugar and JUNK from the Holidays! Right after this slice! Lol! I do watch my portions and if it helps , I mostly just ate the pecans off the top. The gooey stuff is just too sweet for me! I am ready to not just remove temptation but to remove the triggers , so the next time I see this , I can just go “Meh!” And move on!!! When I can’t do it on my own , is when I know it’s Detox & cleanse time!!!

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