Sometimes it’s not about the scale…it’s about how you feel in the skin you’re in and how you look! Yes, almost an inch off my waist and right under lbs gone just but dialing in my nutrition for 3 days! I always want to lead by example. That’s why I tell my clients , thst it’s more impressive to measure and take before photos and then compare to see the results ….the scale is not an accurate tool. My question for you is , How do you feel when you wake up each day? Do you spring out of bed with energy or do you feel sluggish & groggy? Are you dealing with sleep issues and headaches or do you sleep like a rock and have sharp mind clarity ? Can you run all day feeling youthful and full of pep or do you poop out and are draping by 2pm? Do you feel lean , light and full of vitality or bloated , slow and lethargic? Do your body sometimes just ache foe no reason? These are all WARNING signs coming from yiur body! It’s trying to tell you to CLEAN UP your act before it too late! You think eating clean & healthy is expensive ,just wait until illness comes…now THAT Expensive !!! It’s time to remove inflammation from the body ! The SIGNS are all around you! Reach out to me NOW and let’s chat! I may just have a solution!!!

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