Sunday morning late Breakfast : I love all the colors and textures of real food … This morning we cooked up hash brown potatoes with onions & peppers, scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach , served with a side of diced avocado. I can’t get over how my body feels when I continue to eat this way … it leans out so fast! The healthy fats like avocado, and the coconut oil that it was cooked in , gives me mind clarity and makes my brain feel strong! The satiation I get from the eggs and the avocado as well, gives my body that calm full feeling for hours and those power greens (aka: spinach ) sling with the complex carbs from the potatoes , gives me so much energy , I want to get moving tackling everything in my life! There is so much living to do and I always Jumpstart my engine by eating the right food for the task and for the journey!!! Cheers to a super powered New Year! Who wants to join me?!

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