Back to Basics – 5 Daily Activities to Move Your Business

Back to Basics – 5 Daily Activities to Move Your Business
Don’t let a day go by without completing essential business activities. Get out your Business Activity Tracker and write down these five daily goals that will help create momentum in your business and get you one step closer to achieving your goals.

  1. Add to your list. Commit to adding at least 3 new contacts to your Contact List every day.
  2. Connect & Follow Up. Connect with at least 3 people every day. Find out how they’re doing, if they’re ready to join your group, how they’re enjoying Shakeology if they’re already a customer, etc.
  3. Share on social media. Post at least 3 times every day. Share your workouts and Shakeology, your personal life, motivation quotes, ideas for healthy eating, etc. Check out these best practices for posting about your Challenge Group.
  4. Invite people to join your Challenge Group. If you’re adding to your list every day and following up, you should be able to invite at least 3 people every day to join your Challenge Group. Use the Customer 5-Step Invitation Process to increase your success.
  5. Work on you. Be proof the products work by committing to your daily workout and drinking Shakeology; and don’t forget to complete 10-minutes of personal development daily. Plug in to free personal development with Success on Demand.


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