lost 18 lbs on the beachbody challenge



Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?*
I’ve never been very active. I’d join the gym time and time again. I’d get excited for a while, then lose my steam and stop going. I wouldn’t see it through. Pure laziness on my part. I’ve done all the fad diets, lost a lot of weight, and then gained it all back. 166 lbs is the heaviest I’ve ever been. Every day I would look in the mirror and be disgusted with my body. But when I took before pics, I was even more depressed.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?*
I’d been wanting to lose weight and get in shape for a while, but just couldn’t get motivated. I knew I needed to lose weight to feel better about myself and most of all to be healthy. I’ll be 50 in 3 yrs, and the longer you wait to start, the harder it gets. Thanksgiving day I met one of your coaches, Ruthie. I called her because I was so fed up trying to lose weight and work out by myself. My husband and I try to motivate each other, but it is not the same. Ruthie was so helpful setting me up to start my lifelong journey.

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?*
I liked that it challenged me. I thought I’ve worked out here and there. I can do the elliptical for 1 hour. I can handle this. Boy was I wrong. It’s very challenging!

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?*
I’ve started losing weight and building up my endurance. I’m most proud of completing the 6 weeks.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?*
I’ve changed my can’t do attitude to I can!!!! I can’t wait for my next challenge. In the past I would have never uttered those words. Now I say bring it on.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Success stories:

Rosie lost 7 lbs. while toning and shaving off 16.75 inches total in just 21 days!
Rosie lost 7 lbs. while toning and shaving off 16.75 inches total in just 21 days!


Sophia lost 10.5 lbs. and 23.5 total inches. She also went from a size 16 to a size 10 with the Ultimate Reset.
Sophia lost 10.5 lbs. and 23.5 total inches. She also went from a size 16 to a size 10 with the Ultimate Reset.


Brandon dropped 17 lbs. in 21 days! He also lost 11.5 inches total while on the Ultimate Reset by Beachbody. All while eating healthy 3 times a day and taking supplements that came with the Ultimate Reset kit.
Brandon dropped 17 lbs. in 21 days! He also lost 11.5 inches total while on the Ultimate Reset by Beachbody. All while eating healthy 3 times a day and taking supplements that came with the Ultimate Reset kit.


Ron lost 18 lbs. in only 21 days with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.
Ron lost 18 lbs. in only 21 days with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.
Plus Ron won $5oo From Beachbody for his Transformation story: read about it CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE.


Hi Ruthie, I’ve been meaning to thank you! I’m thankful for meeting you. You are the push I needed to turn my physical and nutritional life around. For the first time in my life I’m sticking to a work out and nutrition plan. I have a couple of the tbb DVDs. But have never completed them. They are awesome videos. My problem was pure laziness. When I met you I was ready for change. Being on week 5 of a DVD. That’s big. I’ve had to take a couple days off due to my cold getting worse. I’m so bummed. I can’t work out. In the past I never got bummed. I would be happy I couldn’t work out. Now my mind frame has finally changed. It takes time, but little by little you realize you are doing something good for yourself. We’ve always known what to do, but sometimes it’s easier to take the easy way out. But no more. The support group really helps and having you as a coach. The positive inspirations and healthy tips. Are a plus. Knowing that I’m not the only one struggling helps as well. I’m changing my attitude to, ” I’m doing a lifetime change, not a temporary fix. ” this time around I will complete my journey. And keep it going. Thank you again Rosenda
posted to Facebook 1/22/14

to Ruthie Wade Gage
November 13
This is PROOF that challenge groups are helping those that need the support and accountability to take control of their health and fitness and achieve HEALTHY LIFE again! Hear what one of my challengers is saying! This gal is MAKING IT HAPPEN through the support of the accountability group! Enjoy and be INSPIRED! #llovemyjob #happycoach

I thought i would share my timeline with my weight struggles. First picture was at my fittest (even though im eating a cookie lol). I was always this fit up until 2009. Second picture is at my largest Which was last March 2013 (im on the right and my IDENTICAL TWIN is on left), Third picture was This past Saturday! Thanks to this group and BeachBody im well on my way back to the first picture!!! Today i did Fire 40 and had my vanilla shake … I wish everyone well with their workouts!!
— with Kellie Klinger Fitzpatrick.


Ruthie Wade Gage
21 hours ago
This is a testimony of one of my challengers ! It shows how accountability groups help people reach their goals! For some, its life changing! This is WHY I do what I do! I wake up passionate everyday and am blessed to work this way. Because I LOVE IT ..it feels like I NEVER WORK..They say when you follow your PASSION , you FIND your PURPOSE..and this is why!
Kellie Klinger Fitzpatrick….You have touched my heart like no other and I just HAD to SHARE your words you posted in our challenge group! Most challengers say , I touch their lives , when many times…they TOUCH MINE!!! #feelingblessed #happycoach This is what she posted:

Today I did turbo fire 40 and had a shake!!! I definitely feel the effects of the shakeology! I went through chemo and radiation last winter/spring and beachbody has given me a lot of my strength and endurance back! Adding the shake to my daily diet gives me that extra push i need to get through my workouts!


Ruthie Gage Health and Fitness
November 13
Wanted to share a Great Success story from one of our team members, just another example of someone taking control of their health and using the Beachbody nutritional products (Shakeology and the Ultimate Reset) along with a home workout program to improve their life!
Very proud of Fred Bundy for his dedication and hard work!
Here is Fred’s story: Hope it inspires you like it does me!

My one year journey Starting weight 275 today 223

When I started my journey to get healthy a year ago I weighed in at 275 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been. I knew I had to take control of my life or I would be in serious trouble. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol. My cholesterol has always been all over the board from as high as in the 400s to being “controlled” by meds at 290 over this past year. I started my journey with drinking shakeolgy and increasing my water intake. After drinking shakeology and being more aware of what I was eating, I still wasn’t the best, I had lost 25 pounds and started feeling better. In the spring of 2013 I did the ultimate reset and lost 17 pounds and several inches. This really changed the way I did things. I had tried other “cleanses” before but the Ultimate Reset was different. I learned how to prepare and eat healthy foods. Knowledge I would use well after the reset. I am currently maintaining at 223-228. I am drinking my shakeolgy everyday and contribute that and the new knowledge of eating healthy and actually cleansing my body to now proudly saying my cholesterol is 147. I have NEVER had cholesterol under 200 before. To date I have completed 2 Resets and plan to do one every 6 -12 months. I am in week 2 of T25 and drink my shakeology everyday. I feel better and am excited to hit my future goals.
To inches lost,
Waist 48.5 now 43 = 5.5in
Chest 49.5 now 47 = 2.5
Left arm 14.0 now 14 = 0
Right arm 14.0 now 14 = 0
Left thigh 22.0 now 22 = 0
Right thigh 22.5 now 22 = .5
Body fat 36.5% now 29.5% = -7%
Total inches lost 8.5


Heather N Charles Prehn
November 13
I can’t wait to deliver Nina Acosta gift tomorrow for her being my first coach to finish the 21 day cleanse. I’m so proud of her. The cleanse touches very close to my heart for the ones who do not know my story. I started my journey with beachbody by doing the 21 day cleanse with a very special woman Ruthie Gage also known as my upline coach. My journey began the day after Christmas last year.(thanks to my wonderFul husband for not only introducing me to Ruthie, but allowing me to stay home with our boys and be able to have the opportunity to do what i have a passion for which is helping others through there health and fitness). I’ve been faced with many obstacles, decision making, goal setting, finding myself and what makes me happy. I was tired of having no energy, drinking numerous cups of coffee in the morning, drinking energy drinks and working a 8-5 job where i was missing so many great growing moments with our boys. I wanted to be more active for my kiddos and live a healthier life. Nina came to me 2 months ago with the same story. Words can not express how special this lady is to me. She is now doing T25 and being a product of the product. I’m blessed to be able to be part of her journey through health and fitness. Stay focused girly and keep your eye on the goal. I’m so proud of you and the steps you have taken to become the best YOU can be!!!
— with Nina Acosta and Ruthie Wade Gage.

heather prehn

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