The day after Thanksgiving and the gratitude continues. You know it doesn’t have to stop with the Turkey and dressing , right?!. Honestly …we all have this gs in our like that cause us pain or that we are struggling with. We also have more to be gratful for! So , I choose to focus on THAT! So , I woke up with a grateful heart with my focus on God’s goodness in my life!. Here are my simple things! 1) FAMILY & Health are always a given! 2) a November day that’s so gorgeous , that I can sit outside barefooted ( yes, that’s my firepit and it’s been too mild to use it..haha) 3) that I am enjoying nature and chilling while others are fighting g long Black Friday crowds…l Hehe! I will do Syber Monday! 4) this cup of pumpkin coffee in my lap 5) these cool leggings I just picked up last nice…so comfy!!

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