The day in the life of a health & wellness coach: 1) wake up and down 20 Oz of lemon water to kick start metabolism and energy for my day! 2) eat a healthy breakfast consisting of lean protein , complex carb & fat burning healthy fats 3) check emails , meet my clients in my challenge groups to inspire , motivate , encourage and keep accountable , discuss meal plans … 4) spend a few moments training new coaches on my Team page and set up accountability business calls for & with coaches 5) workout to lead by example and increase my daily energy level 6) recover with the healthiest meal of the day or use it as my super food energy lunch 7) invite , message and inspire others to join me through personal messages and fb posts 8) It’s now about 2pm…now I can go out and enjoy my day…play, shop ,etc Do whatever I want and even switch up tomorrows schedule I OWN MY DAYS …they do not own me! That’s the LIFE of a COACH… Not a bad gig….contact me if you can handle it! Heehee!!!

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