This lovely bouquet of silk flowers is 35 years old… You would not know it because they are still in pristine condition! They grace my night table beside my bed .. But WHY?! Because this was my Bridal bouquet the one I walked down the aisle with all those years ago! My moms idea for my wedding for saving on the cost of fresh flowers was to use lots of silks…. For the wedding party and myself and much of the decor! Besides making it cost effective for a single mom , helping her daughter with her wedding ( and we both had limited incomes)… She told me that we can keep them for years as a keepsake… She was right!!!…🌟 The only real bouquet we used was for throwing and it literally fell apart as we threw it!! Here is another reason my moms idea was BRILLiANT …. also for sentimental reasons.too! My baby girl wants to carry this for her wedding rehearsal practice , as her bouquet… Definitely another SOMETHING OLD!!! Always listen to your MAMAS advice! They know things we could never even think of and apparently can even imagine see for the FUTURE!!! Yet another special sentimental touch to add toward my daughters special day! Thank You , Mama!!

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