We.all know nothing g tastes better then something cooked in a cast iron skillet! But did you know some of the benefits? 1) Naturally non stick Pre-heating with Teflon on high heat when the pan is dry can release chemicals called PFCS . This is lead to liver dysfunction , hormone problems & brain health . Breastfeeding mom’s especially should avoid as it passes through breast.milk . 2)Easy to clean- while pan is still hot ,run hot water over it and wipe with a paper towel dipped in a little oil ..otherwise the pan can rust. 3) Fortifies food with iron -this is especially good foe those who suffer with low iron. Acidic foods absorb the most iron! 4) Cheap – a 25.00 investment but lasts a lifetime 5)They are nearly indestructible – And they improve with age 6) Even cooking temperatures- They are heavy and hold heat longer then other pans…whether you are searing a steak at high temps or simmering a stew at low. Resource : Lily Nichols RDN ,CDE ,CLT blog They can actually help you from burning dinner!

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