WHOA!… This happened today!… Been eating eggs most mornings but had s Peach needing to be eaten!.. 🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲 I had a box of whole grain Oats with ancient grains and gluten free… I have been wanting to try. I don’t have an intolerance to gluten but just like to keep it minimal. This was OFF tHE CHAIN! 🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲🍑🍲 Peaches, almond butter, cinnamon , raw honey & almond slices!!!! I call it my Almond -Peach Oats! Sweetened only with the fruit & honey… You gotta try it!!!

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